Esthete is one of our most popular and fascinating sessions, lasting 90 minutes. It all starts with choosing a room and a pleasure therapist on our mirror catwalk. From the very first moment, you will feel caresses and gentle touches during a soapy massage.

The next step is a classic massage performed on tatami mats. Once your body is totally relaxed, here comes the time for an erotic part of the session, featuring various imitation techniques.

The massage is performed not only with the hands, but also using the neck, chest, shoulders, lips and light breathing. You can also come into play by caressing your masseuse with kisses, until complete relaxation comes.

Special features:

  • Shower or Jacuzzi with your masseuse
  • Spa massage by one masseuse
  • A touching option included
  • Duration of the spa massage: 90 minutes

The price of the Esthete session is 7,900 RUB.


Add-ons to programs

For real gourmets, erotic massage is an addition to the main programs. You can check the conditions with the administrator.

Body massage

Body relax

15 min.
2 000 rub.

Relaxing massage procedure performed using the neck, elbows and shoulders

Naughty breeze

15 min.
2 000 rub.

The opportunity to touch the master

Touching story

not limit
2 000 rub.

Additional erotic spa massage to the main program.

Additional erotic part

15 min.
2 000 rub.

The opportunity to spend time in our atmosphere with your girlfriend

Hotel for an hour

60 min.
2 000 rub.

Sometimes you want to remain in the girl’s company after the massage over a cup of coffee

Pleasant communication

60 min.
2 700 rub.